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Explore themes and issues unique to the mid-life stage of life in this 8-session series for women.  Mid-life is a time of tremendous transition, and for women, the changes are unique.  During this series, you will have the opportunity to learn, share and gain resiliency with other women aged 45+, as a way to take ownership of your life amidst the challenges and opportunities you are currently facing.  Please call for a consultation prior to registration.

Group:    Passages: A Mid-life Women’s Group

When:     Tuesdays, 5:30 to 7:30, October 11th – November 29th, 2016

Where:     Canadian Memorial Centre for Peace, 16th & Burrard, Vancouver

Who:    Women age 45-65 and under the care of a family physician with no active substance dependence, cognitive impairment, psychosis, suicidal ideation or other medical illness that would preclude group participation.

Contemporary women at the threshold of their aging often say they feel at the center of a storm, pulled in different directions by changes in their health and commitments to work, spouses or partners, children, aging parents, and friends. Growing up with one foot in the more traditional values of their parents, experimenting and forming their own ideas in an ever-changing society around them, many women today say they want to frame their future with a strong sense of balance, honesty, and meaningful relationships. Authentic conversations with other women are often integral to this process.


Through structured activities, reflective writing and open discussion, you will have opportunities to explore your own passage through mid-life and beyond while connecting openly with other women. Subject areas include:


Growing yourself up

Physical changes & Health

Changing Relationships & Loss

Authenticity : Getting Real with yourself and others

Purpose and meaning

Making decisions and facing anxiety

Time alone


This series offers a chance to learn, draw on the richness of your own history, explore your feelings and fears in a professionally led group, and connect openly with other women as you create your own unique way of becoming.   Central to the group will be the exploration of the unique changes often encountered during this point in life, including role transitions, social, psychological and physical changes as well as loss and aging. Emphasis will be placed on promoting a woman’s sense of mastery, resilience, and gaining autonomy.

Group Facilitator

Sally Halliday, MA, RCC, CCC, a therapist and Educator, has been facilitating women’s groups for over a decade. Sally uses writing and personal stories to facilitate change and awaken creative potential in those facing transition points in their lives. Her academic research in Counselling Psychology focused on how women navigate the biological, social, and psychological changes of mid-life with hope and a sense of purpose.

Heather Robertson, MD FRCPC DABAM is a psychiatrist and Clinical Associate Professor with the Department of Psychiatry, UBC and has a strong interest in women’s health and the unique challenges that are often encountered during different periods of transition.


For registration and/or information contact  (Fee: $75.00 for the series).

This group is supported by Vancouver Coastal Health


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